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Workforce Trends.

The pandemic has created lasting structural changes in the workforce and accelerated the formation of a talent pool with markedly different expectations and behaviors.

  • Workers are demanding more flexibility, agency and ownership over their work, caring deeply about mission and value alignment.

  • The ability to work from anywhere has led talent to be more distributed than ever and yet a persistent unequal distribution of opportunity.

  • A growing proportion of workers with non-linear career paths are building skills and a portfolio of jobs over time.

  • A lasting evolution in employee/employer relationships due to work becoming more skills-based and project-oriented.

  • The rise of the firmless professional with independents increasingly monetizing on their talents (not time) through task-based and competency-led work.

  • Technology driving a fundamental shift in the use of human capital (with automation making jobs safer and enabling workers to be used where human skills are required).

Opportunity Set.  

FullCircle seeks companies powering the necessary structural changes in the workforce that will create the conditions workers need to fulfill their potential and bring their whole selves to work by:

  • Providing individuals with more agency and ownership over their work, as well as the necessary systems and tools to thrive as independent workers.

  • Assisting employers in attracting and retaining talent via mission and values alignment.

  • Creating the care infrastructure required by working caregivers.

  • Enabling workers to discover, build upon, and utilize their skills to fulfill their potential.

  • Infusing data across recruiting and talent management to track job fit and performance, as well as promote diverse and inclusive teams and cultures.

  • Leveraging technology to solve severe labor shortages in traditionally low-tech industries ripe for innovation.

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